Angie Travis Realtor

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That's right!  All of the landlords I work with were shocked at how easy this process is!  

You could rent the property out yourself, but why would you want to waste your time when you could have a professional as your partner?  You get qualified leads without doing a thing except for hiring me!

Fathom Realty is one of the only real estate companies in Central Ohio that has a division dedicated completely to rentals.  We take care of marketing the property and providing you with a 5-part rental application with all of the renter's information so you can make a complete and informed decision on who will be living in your home.

The 5-part tenant screening that we provide to you includes:

  *  Credit Summary

  *  Previous Address Tenant History

  *  Telecheck Verification (Notifies you of previous bad check writers)

  *  Nationwide Eviction History

  *  Nationwide Criminal History

The success fee of finding your perfect renter is only 1 month's rent and is not paid until a lease is signed between you and a tenant.

As your "Real Estate Resource", we are able to help you with all the paperwork necessary for a new renter if you don't already have it in place.  We have access to a lease agreement, move in/ move out forms, Fair Housing, etc.  Even if you don't use our other services, I would be happy to help you with any of these.

Are you ready to find your perfect renter today?  Let's make it happen!